At the exact moment of your birth, the planets were set in a unique way giving your soul a blueprint. Using ancient science and modern techniques, we are able to decode that blueprint. Having studied under Debra Silverman’s Astrology Program, I apply esoteric astrology to your birth chart. This enables you to have a deeper knowledge of your unique make up. A reading provides you with insight, permission, important dates, answers, and guidance. Astrology continuously helps me to drop into myself, and it always brings me back home. Until I received a reading, I was a skeptic who didn’t give astrology a second thought. Now, from my heart, I can say the reading changed my life. I was finally able to relax into who I am at my core. Ever since I have studied the science so that I can bring this gift to others. Join me as I help you to drop into exactly who you are, and help walk you home!

Reading Types

**All readings are done over the phone and recorded for your convenience!


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